Alexa Rodríguez

Alexa Rodríguez is a native Salvadorian trans woman who has been living with HIV for about 16 years. At the beginning of her diagnosis Alexa felt discouraged and felt as if she was going to die, after five years of her diagnosis she saw that nothing was happening to her and discovered that she wanted to continue to live. After her learning experience Alexa made a decision to educate herself and learn more about HIV so that she can help others. Today Alexa is an example to follow, she is a strong activist who advocates for the needs of trans women in the Maryland and DC area as active member of the Trans Latin@ Coalition. Alexa now understands that HIV will not dictate whether she lives or dies, today Alexa chooses to live and be a productive member of society helping her local community. Alexa is a proud trans Latina women and proud of all of her accomplishments.