The following are a series of training videos designed to support individuals who are interested in hiring Trans & Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) People. Please complete the training sessions along with the questionnaire to better the lives of Trans & GNC individuals in the workforce.


Section 1 – Complete Survey

Please answer these survey questions before watching the videos. Thank you.

I have a good sense of what is appropriate to ask in an interview. *
I understand the laws regarding bathrooms and changing rooms for employees, including employees who are transgender. *
I understand how dress codes impact trans and gender non-conforming employees. *
I am likely to hire a trans or gender non-conforming employee. *


Section 2 – Watch Videos

Please watch each video in its entirety. Thank you.



Section 3 – Follow-Up Questions

As a result of watching these videos...

I better understand what is appropriate to ask in an interview as it relates to a person of trans experience *