TransLatin@ Coalition Legislative Platform 2019

These are the policies we are working on this year.

TransLatin@ Coalition Sponsoring:

*  Being a co-sponsor on a bill means we are one of the main organizations working with the author’s office to support the bill being passed.

Senate Bill (SB) 555 (Mitchell)

This bill will lower how much it costs to keep in touch with people in jail and juvenile lock-ups using phones, video calls, and other services. This bill would reduce the financial burden on incarcerated people, their loved ones, and their support systems. It also lowers the cost of commissary items. This bill is especially important for transgender people who become incarcerated and need connections to support, especially due to the violence trans people face within the criminal justice system.

Senate Bill (SB) 132 (Weiner)

This bill will will change state law to require incarcerated transgender people in the custody of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation be classified and housed based on their gender identity, unless the incarcerated person’s evaluation of their own safety is that another housing placement is safest.