Esmeralda Maya Lozano

My name is Esmeralda Maya Lozano born on June 21, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois.  My mother and father both immigrated from Guerrero, Mexico in the late seventies.  I am the youngest child of five.  I grew up in the West Side of Chicago in Humboldt Park.  I graduated from Kelvyn Park High School in 2007.   At Northeastern University I studied Physical Therapy for one year.  I took a break from my studies for 1 year in order to decide how I wanted to further explore my studies for the future.It was my decision to attend an eight-month course to become a Medical Assistant at Illinois School of Health and Careers.   I completed the course and graduated in June of 2014.

In November 2010 my transition from male to female began after realizing who I was meant to be.   At this time, I proceeded with following my dreams as the woman I always wanted to become.  I was fortunate to have my family’s respect and support in accepting me the way I was pursing my life.

In July 2013, I began my career with the Puerto Rican Cultural Center assisting in promoting actions that support recovery through Services and Outreach for HIV and STI prevention.  I later became more involved in the HIV and STI counseling for the Women for PASEO program that caters Latinas, African American and Transgender Women.

Currently I help the Chicago Transgender Community whole heartedly by reaching out to them and extending support.  I provide information on Transgender and Ethic Pride, HIV and AIDS Education, Harm Reduction and Safer Transitions, Assertiveness Skills, Coping Skills and Review and Peer led interaction Teaching-Backs.